Can I Open a Café Via Online P2P Lending?

If this is the question you are grumbling with, then the answer is a resounding ‘yes!’ You can start the business via peer-to-peer lending due to its many benefits, such as flexible terms, convenient applications, lower interest rates, and more.

For you to make a useful decision, you need to consider the benefits that your choice will have on your new startup and the demerits as well. Once you do that, apply if you are satisfied with the terms as you continue to fine-tune your business plan.

Beneficial Features

Here are the benefits that you will gain if you open your café via peer-to-peer lending. 

Fast and Convenient

P2P companies often handle all their application processes online. This means that you can apply in the comfort of your house or office. Also, you will not have to queue for hours to be served. 

Remember, if you choose an established peer-to-peer lending group like My Instant Offer, you will get an investor, as the name suggests, instantly. These types of lenders with an excellent reputation in the industry have a waiting list of investors to give loans to business-minded people like you. They know you have a great idea and will be willing to pay the loan so as to qualify for a larger loan that will help you to climb the business ladder higher.

You can visit site right away from wherever you are to see the products that they offer. If you are interested, start the application process now to increase your chances of launching your café as soon as this week.

Lower Interest Rates

As an entrepreneur, you truly need lots of money to start and keep your business going, especially at the initial stages. So, the type of loan that you apply for should be affordable. 

P2P loans always have low-interest rates because the companies deal with limited overhead costs. Others, such as banks and building societies, use much of their money to pay huge rents and their staff who manage the money. 

In this case, the firms operate online, making it possible to reduce the amount to be used to pay rent significantly. Moreover, the borrowers will deal with you directly. This will eliminate the need to employ several people to oversee the movement of the funds.

Safe Credit Score

Unlike in the case of the traditional financing sources, your credit score remains secure when you get a personal loan quote. As such, you can get the right information on the rate offered and other important factors about the loan. 

Most credible P2P companies know what matters to you most. They only perform a ‘soft search’ to prevent other service providers from knowing that you are doing these searches. In this way, if you want to prepare coffee to serve your customers, you can establish the exact amount that you will spend on the recipe in advance. The best news here is that you can do this without compromising the worth of your credit score.

Things are Simple

While individual investors will finance your loan, you have small roles to play. You will not look for customers or make many arrangements. Once you submit your requests, several investors will fund it. You will then simply accept the terms of the loan and go to your bank to withdraw the money. Thus, you will get enough time to focus on the activities that have a direct relation to the future profitability of the business. 

Unfavorable Features 

You also need to consider the cons of P2P loans.

High Default Risks

P2P platforms offer unsecured loans, and lenders have no tools to make sensible financial decisions. In case a borrower writes a touching story, he or she may win the hearts of many of them and get the loans. What if you are the one with the story but have no financial ability to repay? You may get the loan but face the consequences of poor credit ratings should you default. 

Fees Needed

Some P2P lending sites do not charge interest. However, many others do. They also want borrowers to pay closing or originating fees. The amounts you will pay have a direct relation with your credit score, which means you can be forced to spend a lot if your rating is undesirable. 

Lack of Privacy

When you post your loan request on the Internet, many of your friends on the platform will likely see it. This may not be the best thing for you if you want to keep your plans to yourself. So, the lack of privacy can discourage some people from using these platforms. 

The Final Thought

As you can see, peer-to-peer lending offers you the best platform to get the funds for your café. You will not waste a lot of time doing any paperwork. This option also allows you to know what you are qualified to get before you make your final decision. Though there are some drawbacks, it can help you in a big way. Nothing on earth is perfect, and neither is P2P lending. Depending on your financial strength, you can go for it if you need a flexible unsecured loan.


The History of Coffee

Confusion about discovery:

The discussion about this topic is uncertain to some instant. It’s just a hidden truth that what is the exact date for its finding and who is the real discoverer.

Believed discovery:

Some people say that it happened on 850 A.D when an Ethiopian man was grassing his goats, and when the goats ate the coffee bushes, they turned active, and their sleep requirement vanished away.

Who was the discoverer?

His name was Kaldi, and he was a goatherd. He grabbed the berries and brought them to his home to show them to her wife. Her wife suggested him to share this information with the rector of the regional priory.

Kaldi agreed with the suggestion of her wife and declared his verdicts to the rector of the regional priory. The rector took the beans, prepared a drink with them, and drank it. After drinking it, he found this made him active and energized him. The rector told all about this to other priests at the priory, and in this way, the coffee started to get into the minds of people.

Pioneer Farming:

The first Conventional farming and use of coffee as beverages started in the early 9th century. Coffee trees were grown in the woods of Kaffa (the province in the south-western highlands), and folks in that area were familiar with these seeds, and they named it as coffee (arabica).

Coffee in the 16th Century:

In this century, Coffee was imported by Turkey, and Ethiopia initiated for the coffee trade with London. Turkish people became the big fans of coffee and in the coffee houses at the turkey, it was served in different forms.

Coffee in Europe:

Venetian traders introduced coffee in Europe. At the beginning of the 17th century, coffee started getting popularity in Europe, and in 1951, the pioneer local coffee business was started.  Within a couple of years, there were over 3000 of these only in England.

Coffee in London:

The Merchants and business persons started importing coffee beans from Ethiopia. They opened a coffee house in London in the early 18th century which turned into a center of aquatic insurance company later. And this center was used as a meeting place where shopkeepers and business professionals used to get together to discuss their problems. And business deals were also made inside this center.

Coffee in America:

When American merchants and business professionals saw the deals of some sort of brownish black beans between different countries, they also imported those beans to check their taste. The drank it in different forms. And during a protest again British coffee tea tax, American folks stopped taking tea and started drinking coffee for ensuring to be patriotic.

Coffee in the 18th Century:

Coffee was produced in Indonesia in 1718 by Dutch, and those plants attained full growth within years and turned into the International coffee market.

Coffee in the 19th Century:              

Likewise, people planted coffee in Brazil at the same time, but the height of fame was awarded to it in the 19th century. 

Coffee in the 20th Century:

Uganda grew numerous numbers of coffee seedlings in the 20th century, which made people familiar with coffee in the entire world.

The coffee drink started getting popularity very speedily in the whole world, and soon it replaced the traditional liquors like wine, beer, whiskey, etc. The reason is that the people who drank the coffee for the first time they found themselves to be more energetic, observant, and well decision makers.

Modern Time Coffee (21st Century): –

In modern times, coffee is the most serving items after tea. Coffee is produced largely in Brazil. In other words, Brazil is the main producer of the world’s most of the coffee. This country is known as the origin of quality coffee production.  In 2016, Brazil produced a huge amount of coffee beans (2,595,000 metric ton according to a survey in 2016). Brazil has been the highest recognized producer of coffee beans from one and a half century.

Different Coffee thoughts is a post that will let you know what people of the different area think about coffee.


Brief Introduction to Generosity Water

Water is a crucial element that is composed of chemical elements and is a prime need for all living creatures. Our body needs purified water to grow well and to protect us from many diseases. And in the world, there live many people who get clean water to drink, and many even don’t have access to pure water. So, an organization was developed to minimize the pure water crisis. The detail of the company is given below.

  1. About the Brand:

Plaintiff Generosity. Org (GW) brought this breach contract against the Generosity Beverages, Inc. (GBI). Generosity water was registered as a non-profit organization that was deemed to raise donations for the construction of water mines in underprivileged countries.

On June 28, 2007, GW applied to register the name “Generosity Water”  to use it for bottled drinking water, and USPTO (United States Patent Trademark Office) issued the trademark registration on November 25, 2008. Jordan Wagner was the president of this organization. In 2009, the founder started its effort to help end the water crisis on the community at a time. Generosity Water launched in 2015 to turn their idea into reality.

It is the US beverage brand that is working for humanity to give them access to clean water because most of the people have no access to clean water worldwide.

  • What inspired its creation

We launched distribution services in the autumn of 2015, and we were highly inspired to build entity and believed whether we drink more alkaline water or not. We also ensured that people living in developing countries have more access to clean water.

  • Efficiency and Effectiveness

It was created as a beverage brand that does not only help people but also gives energy to its drinkers. It’s alkaline water with a PH balance of 10.

  • Health

Different studies describe this in different ways as listed below

  • If we use Alkaline mineral water, hydration level in our body can be increased by 17%
  • Alkaline water helps in Maximizing the performance of our body.
  • with the normal use of alkaline water, we attain a good level of Fitness and health

Our body works at PH6, but to live in a world of high stress, it’s easy to get off balance. It helps to neutralize acids and restore health.

  • Our Vision

We make believes that people matter and every decision we make is based on that fundamental value. We care about your health and also want to save water for others who don’t have access to this. According to poverty and demand for water, we need to take initiatives to save the water.

  • Generosity Value

We use all active ingredients, which boost our PH to 10, the highest quality water on market value. When people purchase, for every bottle, we give two people access to clean water for one month.

  • Across the world gain Access

This company already funded four water wells giving two thousand people access to clean water. It’s our main focus to provide these funds water wells in Haiti. It’s because we seek out the opportunity to stop the water wastage, in a short time, in one country.

  • Save Water Save Life                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

We must give ease to others to get the same. We can do this just by taking the following small steps.

  • We must close all tap when you think not in use.
  • We must use a limited amount of water when taking a bath.
  • We should use sprinklers technique for the water in agriculture and lawn.
  • We can save water by using a cup of water while brushing our teeth.
  • Drink, Live and Give Generosity

Generosity was launched in 2015 to help people with water needs. This company provides clean and fresh water to make a bright future for every human in the world. Water quality is a critical factor in managing water. A healthy system provides a better ecosystem. Drink best and live a better life. To give generosity, we need to save water and protect the natural environment.

  1.   Water Quality Management

Our expectations for the quality of water depend on the intended use. We must be careful about river water because it is not useful for drinking. Please see Guidelines for managing water quality.

High-quality water can be costly but is not necessary for health. It just needs to be clean and pure. In some ways, irrigation can be used in lower quality and cheaper to manage.

  1. Significance of Generosity Water

It is the significance of water that it has different types for different entities like earth, atmosphere, sky, mountains, men, animals, birds, and so on. All of these are forms of water.

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Different Coffee thoughts and their effects

Coffee is a common brewed drink in the world. The majority of people use coffee just for the taste, but it has many benefits. So, using coffee in routine may lead to greater impacts on our physical and mental abilities.

Coffee is considered as a motivating reminder and can perk up the brain. Coffee has incredible powers and has the ability to jump-start our day and spark amazing conversation with peoples. So here are some views to make you creative.

  1. Coffee Thoughts According to Writers

Writers Thinks that Creativity comes when you keep your mind in these states:

•    Initiatives

•    Commitment

•    Self-Doubt

By removing these barriers, you can have endless creativity. Let’s talk about how coffee removes these problems and makes you more creative.

Coffee Gives You Initiatives

Mostly, People have the experience of boosting their energy with a cup of coffee. That is a solid reason to drink coffee in the morning. It does not help to be energized only, but it also helps to jumpstart your brain and make you able to unlock your creative part of the mindset because ideas are the key to creativity. So, when you need more ideas, you need to take a cup of coffee, which will lead to creative breakthroughs. It is hard to generate ideas without your initiative.

Coffee Creates Commitment

Some scientists call coffee to be a drug because it’s addictive. But Nowadays, most of the people use social media and follow it closely. That is also a kind of addiction, but every addiction is not a drug. So, when you use coffee regularly, it stimulates us and develops a sense of commitment in us.

Coffee Makes you more Confident

The biggest problem to boundless creativity is the self-doubt. When you think about your abilities, and realize that your thoughts are silly and stupid. You stop coming up with an idea, not even start at all. Coffee will help you in creating self-confidence in you.  It does not mean that Coffee will make you Iron Man or Wonder Woman, but you will absolutely get out of the barrier of lack of confidence and will create some awesome decisions.

  • Trends of Coffee

Coffee acts as a stimulus for the new generation, either for studies or work. Coffee keeps them active and supports them to complete their tasks. It has become a trend to use coffee daily, especially in a new generation. However, it’s beneficial for the people of all ages

  • Coffee for Professionals

Professionals use coffee to enhance their capabilities to complete their work in a short time and to complete hard tasks which may not look difficult to be done. So, coffee helps them in their work.

  • Coffee for Youngers

Youngers use coffee to keep themselves fit and active. Coffee gives them energy for study, sports, and other tasks. It also prevents their drowsiness and laziness during their activities.

  • Positive Effects of Coffee

Coffee imparts both negative and positive effects but depends upon the consumption of it. Some effects are listed below

•    It imparts positive effects on diseases like type 2 diabetes, parkinsonism, bronchopulmonary diseases, cerebral palsy, and liver cirrhosis.

•    Coffee helps people to gain weight.

•    It prevents cognitive delay and apnea.

•    It prevents dementia and Acid Reflux, which prevents stomach cancer.

•    It acts as anti-oxidants, which makes it good for the skin.

•    It may protect us from Alzheimer’s disease.

•    It Fights against Depression and Makes us Happier.

•    Coffee burns fat in the body by increasing basal (BMR) metabolic rate.

  • Negative Effects of Coffee

•    It causes heart problems like hypertension and high blood pressure.

•    It increases heart contraction and heart attacks.

•    It causes headaches.

•    It causes breast problems in females and worsens menopause. It also creates a major problem  

      of miscarriages in women.

•    It creates insomnia.

•    It prevents recovery hearing impairment.

•    High consumption of coffee leads to anxiety and depression.

  • Nutrients of Coffee

It contains

  • Vitamin B2(riboflavin), Vitamin B3(Niacin), Vitamin B5(Pantothenic Acid).
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • General Thoughts of coffee

Coffee has both positive and negative effects on physical and mental abilities. So, it depends on the dose. If you use it normally so, it can be safer for the health, and if it is used excessively, so it can be harmful. Researchers found the result about coffee that it prevents diseases and lowers risks of different diseases. It boosts our concentration to complete our tasks. They also found the reason behind the Coffee seeds. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), coffee like is other seeds, but it is loaded with protective properties.

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