Brief Introduction to Generosity Water

Water is a crucial element that is composed of chemical elements and is a prime need for all living creatures. Our body needs purified water to grow well and to protect us from many diseases. And in the world, there live many people who get clean water to drink, and many even don’t have access to pure water. So, an organization was developed to minimize the pure water crisis. The detail of the company is given below.

  1. About the Brand:

Plaintiff Generosity. Org (GW) brought this breach contract against the Generosity Beverages, Inc. (GBI). Generosity water was registered as a non-profit organization that was deemed to raise donations for the construction of water mines in underprivileged countries.

On June 28, 2007, GW applied to register the name “Generosity Water”  to use it for bottled drinking water, and USPTO (United States Patent Trademark Office) issued the trademark registration on November 25, 2008. Jordan Wagner was the president of this organization. In 2009, the founder started its effort to help end the water crisis on the community at a time. Generosity Water launched in 2015 to turn their idea into reality.

It is the US beverage brand that is working for humanity to give them access to clean water because most of the people have no access to clean water worldwide.

  • What inspired its creation

We launched distribution services in the autumn of 2015, and we were highly inspired to build entity and believed whether we drink more alkaline water or not. We also ensured that people living in developing countries have more access to clean water.

  • Efficiency and Effectiveness

It was created as a beverage brand that does not only help people but also gives energy to its drinkers. It’s alkaline water with a PH balance of 10.

  • Health

Different studies describe this in different ways as listed below

  • If we use Alkaline mineral water, hydration level in our body can be increased by 17%
  • Alkaline water helps in Maximizing the performance of our body.
  • with the normal use of alkaline water, we attain a good level of Fitness and health

Our body works at PH6, but to live in a world of high stress, it’s easy to get off balance. It helps to neutralize acids and restore health.

  • Our Vision

We make believes that people matter and every decision we make is based on that fundamental value. We care about your health and also want to save water for others who don’t have access to this. According to poverty and demand for water, we need to take initiatives to save the water.

  • Generosity Value

We use all active ingredients, which boost our PH to 10, the highest quality water on market value. When people purchase, for every bottle, we give two people access to clean water for one month.

  • Across the world gain Access

This company already funded four water wells giving two thousand people access to clean water. It’s our main focus to provide these funds water wells in Haiti. It’s because we seek out the opportunity to stop the water wastage, in a short time, in one country.

  • Save Water Save Life                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

We must give ease to others to get the same. We can do this just by taking the following small steps.

  • We must close all tap when you think not in use.
  • We must use a limited amount of water when taking a bath.
  • We should use sprinklers technique for the water in agriculture and lawn.
  • We can save water by using a cup of water while brushing our teeth.
  • Drink, Live and Give Generosity

Generosity was launched in 2015 to help people with water needs. This company provides clean and fresh water to make a bright future for every human in the world. Water quality is a critical factor in managing water. A healthy system provides a better ecosystem. Drink best and live a better life. To give generosity, we need to save water and protect the natural environment.

  1.   Water Quality Management

Our expectations for the quality of water depend on the intended use. We must be careful about river water because it is not useful for drinking. Please see Guidelines for managing water quality.

High-quality water can be costly but is not necessary for health. It just needs to be clean and pure. In some ways, irrigation can be used in lower quality and cheaper to manage.

  1. Significance of Generosity Water

It is the significance of water that it has different types for different entities like earth, atmosphere, sky, mountains, men, animals, birds, and so on. All of these are forms of water.

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